Notion is down

It appears they forgot to renew their domain. Oops.

12 Feb 2021

Update: The issue has been fixed. See end of post.

I was trying to save a link to a Notion board, but the desktop app inexplicably kept saying that it couldn’t connect to the Internet. It appears that Notion itself was experiencing DNS issues:

Panic appeared to have set in at Notion HQ, which was asking users for help getting in touch with (their domain name registrar).

Notion tweet
The tweet has since been deleted.

Jane Manchun Wong hinted that Notion’s .so domain, which is based in Somalia, may have been seized.


Looks like they’ve fixed the issue. The homepage still shows an error (at least for me), but the fact that it’s back up points to the above explanation being correct.

Notion homepage
The error on the Notion homepage.

This incident appears to have been a one-off thing. Presumably, no one at Notion saw the email from their domain registrar, which is understandable for a startup growing as fast as it is. Still, it’s a timely reminder that errors come from where you least expect, and also that you should host your status page on a different domain than your main website. ( was also down during the outage, rendering it completely useless. 🙄)

Oh well, the excitement is over. Back to work now I guess. ✌️

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