Lipwig 2023

The most beautiful newsletter platform on the web. Built with Next.js and backed by Airtable.

3 Demos For Crafting Text With LLMs 2023

A collection of demos I delivered at AI/UX: Beyond The Textbox, hosted at Notion HQ on April 19, 2023.

Smoothie 2023

An experiment in adapting computational notebooks to full-stack development.

Little Boy Blue 2023

A Slack bot I built for a Berkeley student org, Little Boy Blue awards and tracks points in an internal leaderboard.

Flapioca 2022

A Flappy Bird-inspired terminal game written in Go. 2022

A writing tool for application essays. Use earlier responses to autogenerate new ones with an LLM.

Me, But Online 2022

A collection of minimalist, original personal websites with great typography.

Svelte French Toast 2022

Buttery smooth toast notifications for Svelte. Lightweight, customizable, and beautiful by default.

Lipwig 2021

An email address for your Discord community. Sign up for newsletters, forward emails, and more.

Unslant 2019

Unslant surfaces contrasting takes on political news as you read. Available for Chrome.

Aech 2021

A lightweight, modern CSS starter kit that’s beautiful by default.

Rucksack 2021

Rails-based Substack alternative with analytics, theming, and drafts.

Exun 2018 2018

Event app for the 24th annual festival of my high school technology club. Delivered 55,000 notifications.

koa-auth-basic 2018

Koa middleware for HTTP Basic authentication.

Wayfer 2018

Wi-Fi based file transfer app. Just drop a file and scan the code.

Fu 2017

Unix’s Find, Unleashed. An intuitive alternative to the Unix “find” command.

Walnut 2017

Brainf*** to Go compiler based on Rob Pike’s famous talk “Lexical Scanning in Go.”

Isnochys Syntax 2017

“In space, no one can hear you scream.” A high-contrast Atom syntax theme that's easy on the eyes.

Roller 2016

Fast and memory-efficient text truncation utility written in Rust for window managers like i3 and bspwm.